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The Messiah of Israel

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About Me

Kenneth J. Morgan


B.S., Physics, Northern Illinois University (1969)
M.A., Old Testament Biblical Studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (1977)

Current Activities

I'm a retired teacher now free to pursue full-time theological research and writing. I'm also the Webmaster for six different Web sites. Ever since my graduate studies in the Tanakh, I have had a love for the Hebrew Scriptures and all things Judaic. I believe the Lord has called me into Jewish ministry.

My Biblical Web Sites

My goal for Messiah Studies is to write and post in-depth, technical papers on a scholarly level that show the development of Messianic prophecy throughout the Tanakh. This Web site is desgined primarliy with Jewish readers in mind.

I'm also contributing writer and Webmaster for Ammi Ministry, an organization dedicated to presenting the Messiah of Israel to the Jewish people.

My wife, Carol, and I have created and run Rediscovering the Bible, a Web site designed primarily for Christians.

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