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Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey


Joseph and Benjamin

Volume II

Scholar and Jewish Believer
in Yeshua HaMashiach

Exaltation of the Messiah


Summary of Contents
by Joseph Frey

Letter 1

Necessity of Christ's exaltation. It has respect to his divine and human nature; to his body, soul, and person; and his mediatorial office; it includes power over all creaatures.

Letter 2
Resurrection of Christ

It was typified and predicted in the Old Testament, and foretold by Christ. Objections answered.

Letter 3
The Subject Continued

The different appearances of Christ after his resurrection; the body could not be taken away; his resurrection proved by the testimony of angels, soldiers, pious women.

Letter 4
Continuation of the Subject

Testimony of the apostles. They were no impostors, which is evident from their character, their mode of procedure, the character of the persons to whom they preached, their perseverance. Neither could they be mistaken; for it was a matter of fact, they were many in number, exceedingly incredulous, they were inspired. Increduity of Thomas. Testimony of God. Quotation from Saurin. The subject worthy of credit.

Letter 5
Importance of the Resurrection of Christ

Why Christ did not appear to his enemies. The resurrection of Christ proves the truth of his divinity, his Messiahship, and the acceptance of his sacrifice. It is a pattern and pledge of the resurrection of the righteous, and a strong motive to holiness.

Letter 6
The Ascension of Christ

It was typified and predicted. It is proved by the testimony of Scripture, of angels, the destruction of Jerusalem, and the dispersion of our people. Circumstances respecting the manner, time, and his employment on the occasion. Design: to prove his mission and faithfulness; as a reward for his humiliation, and a triumph over his enemies; to carry on his work in heaven; to send the Holy Spirit; to prepare a place for his people; to encourage the penitent; to comfort his people, and to draw their affections from earth to heaven.

Letter 7
The Intercession of Christ

Taught in the Old Testament, and confirmed by the apostles. Its nature. Christ appears in heaven for us, as mediator, in our nature, and pleads for the blessings he has purchased. Its foundation. Its objects. The blessings he intercedes for are, the acceptance of their persons and services; that their necessary wants may be supplied; that their accusers may be silenced; their enemies overcome; and they be kept from evil; and that they may persevere. Properties of Christ's intercession: He pleads skillfully; compassionately and feelingly; righteously and faithfully; powerfully and authoritatively; zealously and fervently; successfully, and constantly, and solely. The subject teaches the majesty, holiness, and justice of God; the evil of sin, and the dignity and love of Christ. It encourages the penitent sinner, and comforts the afflicted believer.

Letter 8
The Kingly Office of Christ

It was typified and predicted. Ensigns of royalty ascribed to the Messiah. The people wished him to be a king. Jesus Christ is a King. He is well qualified. The nature of Christ's kingdom. Mistaken views of our people concerning it. It differs from the kingdoms of this world with respect to its foundation, subjects, laws, officers, soldiers, weapons, ensigns, and equipages. Exploits, extent. Design and duration.

Letter 9
Administration of Christ's Kingdom

With respect to his subjects. They are made willing, and ruled by his laws. They are supported, corrected, defended. They enjoy many privileges: and are received at death into glory. With respect to his enemies. He has them absolutely in his power. Uses them for the good of his people. Restrains them at present, and ultimately destroys them. History of the kingdom of Christ. Improvement. How glorious the King! How honorable the subjects! How encouraging to missionary efforts! How important to submit to this King!

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