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Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey


Joseph and Benjamin

Volume II

Scholar and Jewish Believer
in Yeshua HaMashiach

Divinity of the Messiah


Summary of Contents

Letter 1
A Plurality in Unity

This is a great stumbling-stone. Messiah is God by nature. Distinct persons in the Godhead. The doctrine is not absurd. Incomprehensibility no objection to faith. Our people believe doctrines though mysterious. A doctrine revealed should be believed. The unity of the Godhead proved. A plurality taught in the Scriptures. The word Elohim used as a plural. Our rabbins greatly perplexed on this subject, and acknowledge a mystery in the word Elohim.

Letter 2
On the Trinity

Proved from passages of Scripture, and from the testimonies of the rabbins. Importance of the subject.

Letter 3
Distinguishing Marks of Deity

Certain criteria necessary to distinguish God from the creature. The Mosaic dispensation designed to prevent idolatry. Divine criteria are names, titles, attributes, works and worship, proved from reason and from Scripture.

Letter 4
The Angel Jehovah

The Angel of the Lord. Philo, his character. Seven propositions. Different appearances of the Angel. He is called by the rabbins by different names. They ascribe all the appearances to the same Angel. All the divine criteria ascribed to this Angel. His appearance to Hagar considered. She knew him to be Jehovah.

Letter 5
The Subject Continued

The appearance of the angel to Abraham. To Jacob. To Moses. To Joshua. To Gideon, and to Manoah. Quotation from Eusebius. Design of these appearances. This Angel is Jehovah. Promised as a guide to the children of Israel. The rabbins expected the Messiah to be divine. Messiah the second person in the Trinity.

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