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Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey


Joseph and Benjamin

Volume I

Scholar and Jewish Believer
in Yeshua HaMashiach

Messiah Must Have Come Long Since


Summary of Contents

Letter 1
Jacob's Prediction Fulfilled

First advent of the Messiah. Not two Messiahs. The period foretold. Other events determined and revealed. Hab. 2:2,3 considered. Gen. 49:10 considered. Messiah meant by Shiloh. Four proofs. The Time. Sceptre or Tribe. Lawgiver.

Letter 2
The Temple Is Destroyed, and Daniel's Weeks Expired

Haggai 2:1-9 considered. The second, and not a third temple. Messiah meant by the Desire of all nations. Mal. 3:1 considered. Messiah meant by Jehovah and Messenger. Shall come to his temple. Daniel 9:24-27 considered. Dr. P. Smith's translation. The occasion of this prophecy.

Letter 3
The Subject Continued

Seventy weeks, or 490 years. Their commencement. The events to take place. Messiah spoken of. Proved from the title given. From the Rabbins. From the work ascribed to him. Messiah to be cut off. Destruction of Jerusalem. Conclusion of the argument. Tradition respecting the Millenium. Quotation from Mr. Faber.

Letter 4
Evasions Confuted

Story about the river Sambation. Refutation of this story. The sceptre was not to depart for ever. That Shiloh meant a City. That Shevet means a Rod. Note.--German neologists. Quotation from David Levi. Messiah kept concealed. The promise not conditional. No condition mentioned. Not repentance. If conditional, Messiah might not come at all. The promise made to the Gentiles as well as to the Jews. Contrary to the sentiments of the Rabbins. Contrary to the design of the work of the Messiah. Hymn, Father of faithful Abraham.

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