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Judaism or Christianity?

The purpose of this Web site is to present in-depth studies of Messianic passages in the Hebrew Scriptures (the Tanakh). But do we represent Judaism or Christianity? That's a fair question. We do, in fact, believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah of Israel. If you are Jewish and do not believe that, perhaps you would be interested in reading the studies from the Tanakh presented here. What is the evidence that Yeshua is King Messiah? Read it and decide.

We do not ask you to "convert" to Christianity. The message of the Prophets to the people of Israel was always, "Return to the Lord your God!" But we do ask you to commit yourself to the Tanakh, Israel's holy Scriptures, the word of God. Then we encourage you to follow where Moses and the Prophets lead you. If after reading the papers on this Web site, the word of God leads you to believe that Yeshua is HaMashiach (the Messiah), then commit your life to him, for as the name Yeshua (Hebrew meaning "Yahweh saves") implies, he came to save his people from their sins.

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