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The Messiahship of Jesus

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Alexander McCaul was born in 1799 in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland. He was a Hebrew and Rabbinic scholar of the highest order and published a textbook on Hebrew grammar. Among other positions, Dr. McCaul was Rector of St. Magnus and Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis at Kings College in London.

One of the most important aspects of his life's work for the Lord was that, though not Jewish himself, he had a great interest in Jewish literature and Jewish evangelism. He is one of the best writers on these subjects, and his books include the following:

  • The Messiahship of Jesus: The Concluding Series of the Twelve Lectures on the Prophecies (1852)
  • Rabbi David Kimchi's Commentary upon the Prophecies of Zechariah (translated with notes and observations by Alexander McCaul, 1837)
  • The Old Paths, or, A Comparison of the Principles and Doctrines of Modern Judaism with the Religion of Moses and the Prophets (1854)
  • Reasons for Believing That the Charge Lately Revived Against the Jewish People is a Baseless Falsehood (1840)

In this book, The Messiahship of Jesus, Dr. McCaul does argue that the Messianic prophecies point to fulfillment by Yeshua (Jesus), but in his discussions he gives considerable attention to the Jewish objections to Christian interpretations of these prophecies.

However, he not only argues for the Messiahship of Jesus. He also argues for a literal fulfillment of the prophecies dealing with the future of national Israel. The lectures in this book offer an important refutation of a certain segment of Christian theology (replacement theology and amillennialism) that sees no future for Israel in an ethnic and national sense. McCaul rejects that view and argues forcefully for a literal fulfillment of the prophecies that predict a national restoration to the land and the reestablishment of the kingdom of Israel, with the Messiah ruling from Jerusalem on the throne of David. See also Dr. McCaul's sermon, "The Future Glories of Jerusalem" on our Future of Israel page.

Alexander McCaul had a deep love for the Jewish people. As an indication of this, he even named one of his sons Alexander Israel McCaul.

These lectures are from the book The Messiahship of Jesus: The Concluding Series of the Twelve Lectures on the Prophecies by Alexander McCaul (London: John W. Parker and Son, 1852).

The book has six lectures. The first two lectures deal with higher critical issues and do not directly discuss Messianic prophecy. Therefore only lectures III through VI are posted. According to McCaul, the "Appendix of Interpretation" is "a condensed view of the interpretation of some important passages."

We posted two copies of each lecture. The first is the exact reproduction of the 1852 edition, except for breaking up long paragraphs. The version, "slightly edited for clarity," modernizes the punctuation and inserts words for clarification in brackets. No other changes are made.

Lecture III

Lecture III
(Slightly edited for clarity)

Lecture IV

Lecture IV
(Slightly edited for clarity)

Lecture V

Lecture V
(Slightly edited for clarity)

Lecture VI

"Appendix of Interpretation"
(Not posted yet)

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